Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shakespeare vs. HP Lovecraft

Something for the horror fans was waiting in my inbox this week - "Shakespeare v Lovecraft: A Horror Comedy Mash-Up featuring Shakespeare's Characters and Lovecraft's Creatures ."  From the product description:

Prospero, driven dangerously insane by prolonged exposure to the dread Necronomicon, makes a terrible pact with the titanic alien beast known only as Cthulhu. Now only his enchantress daughter Miranda and a handful of history’s greatest heroes are all that stand between humanity and blasphemous eternal subjugation. 
It’s a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions as Cthulhu and his eldritch companions come at our protagonists from all manner of strange geometric angles in a hideous and savage battle for supremacy. 
Never read any Lovecraft myself, so I can't speak to the subject too much.  But I thought that folks out there might like it.  As a Kindle title it's only a couple of bucks.  Let us know in the comments if you pick it up!

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