Friday, May 18, 2012

Branagh to do The Scottish Play Next?

I missed this article last week where Kenneth Branagh received the Founder's Directing Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival...

Through the ‘90s, Branagh had a run of films that were met with mostly positive critical feedback, including two more Shakespeare adaptations with “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Hamlet.” In 2000, he hit a bit of a bump with his “Love’s Labour’s Lost” adaptation, an experience that he found humbling, though not debilitating to his career. Branagh explained, “It would be hard to say what exactly is ‘authentic Shakespeare’, but people have an idea of what it might be and they sometimes get disturbed when a strong or dominating or even disruptive idea comes in like setting it as a Hollywood musical in 1939. 
...but I'm glad they took the trouble to highlight the gem of the article for me in the title:
“I would like to make some more Shakespeare films. The film that I would like to make next has a title that I cannot mention in this building. But it’s a play by Shakespeare about a Scottish king.” 
Woohoo!  Branagh Shakespeare movies are always a good thing.

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Thomasin said...

I hope he does!