Friday, May 18, 2012

Must See Movie Event Of The Summer

Did Julie Taymor and Russell Brand leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Christopher Plummer's The Tempest is coming to the big screen!

This looks ridiculously good.

Even better?  Unlike many other Shakespeare films that barely see any widescreen release (ahem Coriolanus), the web site actually lists every movie theatre in every state where it will play!  And it's close to me in Massachusetts!

Note, however, that this is a *one time event* -- Thursday, June 14, 7pm.  Now I just have to hope I can make it!


JM said...

--And another WOW! "Barrymore--the Film"? Looks like Plummer's doing great stuff all around.

JM said...

And another WOW! "Barrymore--the Film" Looks like Plummer's doing some great stuff all around.

Sean O'Sullivan said...

Recently caught an old episode of
The Cosby Show in which his English Professor character was
invited round to convince the
son and his friend that
Shakespeare was worth studying.
The Barrymore film sounds good.