Monday, May 07, 2012

Peter Brook, on the Authorship Question

I have to admit, I didn't realize that Peter Brook was still with us.  But I'm glad to have found this article where he discusses his thoughts on the Authorship debate:

Shakespeare was a genius, insists Brook, and “genius can arise in the humblest of backgrounds. No one doubts that Leonardo was truly Leonardo da Vinci, even though he was an illegitimate child from an Italian village.”
Mr. Brook is also the one to credit with a favorite quote of mine:
Each line in Shakespeare is an atom. The energy that can be released is infinite—if we can split it open.
Brook's is a name spoken with reverence for quite some decades at this point.  I first heard his name attached to a legendary 1970 Midsummer Night's Dream that predates my interest in Shakespeare by quite a little bit, although I have seen some clips.

Got any good Peter Brook experiences?

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