Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ingenious(?) Shakespeare on Film

There's certainly no shortage of these lists, but I haven't linked to one in a while.   Flavorwire delivers their list of Top 10 Ingenious Shakespeare Adaptations, but as always I'm never really sure what criteria these sites use for such a list.

All the usual suspects are on this one, and probably nothing that long time readers hadn't seen mentioned before (Scotland, PA, which I still haven't seen, being the most unknown).  But how do you make a list that includes both McKellen's Richard III and Luhrman's Romeo+Juliet with 10 Things I Hate About You, O, and Strange Brew?

I'd love it if somebody made a list with a constraint that we could all agree upon, like "Shakespeare adaptations as musicals" or something.  Hint hint, content authors.  Get to work.

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Anonymous said...

You might consider seperating the films which use Shakespeare's dialogue from those which do not.