Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weird (But Mostly Well-Known) Shakespeare Productions

I've seen most of these "weird" Shakespeare productions ... except one. You know that Forbidden Planet is going to be on the list, and Klingon Hamlet (though I did not realize video productions exist). But Popeye doing Romeo and Juliet is a new one on me! I probably saw this as a kid forty years ago and never thought about it again. I'm pretty sure, though, that in the 10+ years I've been doing the blog, this hasn't come up:

For something of more historical value, don't miss the 1909 silent Midsummer Night's Dream they've included.  I've got other posts up today looking at films of that era, so it was cool to see another one come up over here as well. Seems like they always had budget for costumes!

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