Saturday, April 23, 2016

Small Insults for Small People

My birthday is next week, so it often falls that I get to see my family and celebrate my birthday on Shakespeare's.  My mother doesn't always understand everything that goes on in my life, but she knows two things for certain.  One is that I "do computers" - or at least, that's what she's told all of her friends since I was about ten years old.  The second is that I'm "into Shakespeare."  

So, since it's hard to just stumble across random but interesting computer things, she always tries to make it a point to find me something Shakespearey to add to my collection. Check out this year's treasure!

Shakespeare insults have always been easy pickings, since there's so many of them. That's always the first thing to look for - are we talking about actual quotes from the plays, or something out of an "insult generator" that only sounds Shakespearean?

Here we've got a tiny (maybe 3" high?) little edition of the former, with a single quote per page.  Perfect for keeping on one's desk at work for random flipping through and hurling at one's coworkers. I have insult mug and once made an insult generator app, but I did not yet have this little guy.

Thanks Mom!

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