Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boston Public Library Opens Its Shakespeare Collection

My kids are on school vacation this week and yesterday (April 22) we took the day off and went in town to do Boston things like go on a Duck Tour and have lunch in the North End (complete with cannoli from Mike's Pastry).  \

During the duck tour we passed by the Boston Public Library and I was reminded that they have quite a Shakespeare collection (which I have visited).  I had a fleeting moment to think that we should walk over when the tour is over and see if we can't see it again, but the timing didn't work, we were parked too far away, blah blah blah. I also had no idea if it's normally open to the public.

Then I discover today that they're opening their collection to the public for Shakespeare's 400th. My first thought is, "Aw come on, and I was that close and missed it?!" Turns out they're opening the collection starting in October.

So now we've all got plenty of time to plan a trip!   It's a 10 minute drive from where I work. I wonder if I could make it on my lunch hour?

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