Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shakespeare Take 2 : Hamlet and Ophelia in Couple's Therapy

I was sent this video from the producer/creator/Ophelia, Emily Newhouse, and I found it amusing enough to post for Shakespeare Day.

What if Hamlet and Ophelia went to couples therapy?  Yes, "You killed my dad!" / "Why can't you let that go?!" does come up.

[ Full link here, in case the player's not working properly for you. ]

I think my favorite part (which happens to be in the screenshot, I notice) is when Hamlet shifts over to puppets, and puppet Hamlet is also manning tiny puppet Ophelia and puppet Hamlet.

Of course, counseling or psychoanalyzing Shakespeare's characters has been popular fodder for ages. Who can forget Monty Python's Hamlet at the Psychiatrist?

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