Saturday, April 28, 2012

Comments and Contacting Me

Hi everybody,

Quick administrative note.  Lately I've had to take a stronger stance in removing comments that do not add to a given thread.  This frequently happens when somebody discovers the blog for the first time and wants to use the opportunity to say "Hey, have you seen this yet?" and provide me with a link.  This is not typically what I'd think of as spam, I think it's just overenthusiasm.

Still, though, the rule continues to apply - add something to the discussion.  If you want to provide a link, make it a relevant one.

For those that want to share links and have no way to contact me, I've added a link directly in the sidebar over there.  It's also fairly easy to get me via the Contact page.  I do see links when people send them to me that way, I have a number of regulars who constantly send me stuff.  So don't be afraid.

Fair enough?  I feel bad deleting comments that come from legit Shakespeare fans, but it's also not right for me to judge one worthy of deletion and one worthy of keeping.  So typically they all go.

- SG


Anonymous said...

Gotcha. No more comments unless they add something to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Hello Duane
Greetings from a fellow Shakespeare nut.

Love your blog because I love all things Shakespeare.

You say you have every new book on Shakespeare things.

Well betcha haven't got "A Shakespeare Alphabet" compiled by Harry J Bardolph (that's me!)you can see it here

If you'd like a Free copy in exchange for an honest review, could you email me at

I'm now heading over to your FB page - Shakespeare Heaven!