Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who Wants A Peek At My Next Book Project?

I've been teasing it for weeks, and now those that are still feigning interest can get one step closer!

Download a sample chapter from my new project Now You Know Shakespeare!

From the Coming Soon page:
The problem as I see it is that there are thousands of books that will teach you about Shakespeare, but they all assume that you either know everything, or nothing. Either you’re researching your PhD thesis on Merry Wives of Windsor, or you just want to pass your Hamlet test next week. What about everyone in between? What about the average educated adult who would like to read up on Shakespeare to fill in the gaps she missed in school? 
I’d like to do something about that. I’m starting a new book series I’m calling Now You Know Shakespeare that aims squarely at this audience, and makes no claims otherwise. I’ve met too many adults that want to come back to Shakespeare, but don’t know where to start and are afraid to jump in somewhere between the shallow and deep ends. I recently spoke with an elementary school teacher who was excited about a production of The Tempest coming to Boston, and asked me to recommend something she could read that could bring her up to speed on the play so she wasn’t going in cold. What could I say? She wasn’t a kid, or a dummy, or “the masses” or “middle school” or any of the other audiences I get when I google the expression “Shakespeare for” and see how Google autocompletes it for me. She needed more than the one-page summary she was going to get in the Playbill, but she wasn’t going to sit down to 400 pages of footnotes about the play, either. 
They say that if you see a need you should fill that need. Well, I see a need and I’m going to try my best to fill it.
If you'd like to get an early look at what I'm talking about, follow the link and sign up to download your free sample. I apologize for the "coming soon" nature of the site, but it was very important for me to get this link up for Shakespeare Day and as you're probably noticing I had about 25 other balls in the air approaching the big day.  This is a preview of what's to come, and I'm not going to release the final product until the quality is where it should be.  But I'm excited for everybody to see it!

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JM said...

Your download link doesn't work. This is what I get:

"Oops! That page can’t be found.

It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?"

Can't find any more links--what would I be searching for?

Duane Morin said...

Hi JM,

Can you email me at with some more details? I just ran through the process and it worked for me so I'm not sure which link is not working for you. It should be: fill out name/email, get message saying "check your email". Receive email, click on link to confirm email, get link saying to download. Download.