Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Year, Shakespeare's Going To Make Some Lives Better

Shakespeare is Universal #2

I'm happy to announce our Second Annual, Limited Edition "Shakespeare Is Universal" t-shirt.  Did you get your hands on one of last years? Are all your friends crazy jealous? Now's the chance for you to feed that green-eyed monster.  This year's design features an original casting of Shakespeare's portrait into a constellation of stars, decorated along the edges with all your favorite Shakespeare quotes about those very same stars.  A special thanks to my friend Peter Phelan for all his hard work in making the design!

And now for the really good stuff!

It's long been the mission of Shakespeare Geek to prove that Shakespeare makes life better, and this year I've decided to back that up. Once we make our goal this year, part of the proceeds from this sale  are going directly to support cancer research.

Help us make the direct connection between Shakespeare's words, and real change in people's lives.  Buy this year's shirt, then make all your friends buy it too. Then buy some for your family.

This year Shakespeare, and you, are going to make some lives better.

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