Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sir Ian Is Your Personal Richard III Tutor

OMG this needs to be a thing, immediately.  Like, for all the Complete Works, the Sonnets, and the long poems.

A virtual Sir Ian McKellen explains Shakespeare to you.

If you don't click that link you don't understand what I'm telling you.  The link came to me with a simple "Ian McKellen explains Richard III" title and I thought oh all right I'll take a look.

A virtual Sir Ian greets you and walks you through the play, as you direct him.  Which line gives you trouble?  Would you like to see a few different versions of the scene?  You pick what you want him to talk about and Sir Ian talks.  So if you want to see the Olivier version Sir Ian actually introduces it and talks about the clip.

How much do I love this?  I don't know what's on Sir Ian's schedule for the next couple of years, but seriously, I would mortgage my house for a complete collection of him doing this for the complete works.  What an absolutely genius idea.

O!  O!  And then a virtual Sir Patrick Stewart joins in and they banter back and forth about interpretation of Macbeth!  I'd die.

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Ophelia said...

We looked at that during Shakespeare Camp last summer. Twas pretty awesome.