Thursday, May 09, 2013

Happy Shakespeare Mother's Day!

In honor of our moms, this week we imagine what Mother's Day cards might have been like from Shakespeare's characters.  Shakespeare is a bit like Disney in not giving us very many mothers to work with, but we do our best.

Happy Mother's Day!

"Dearest Mother, I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am that you did not pluck your nipple from my toothless gums and dash my brains out." 
"Mom, I know you don't always like to express just how much you care about me, but I know you do because you died of grief at the end of our play.  Offstage of course.  Love, Romeo." 
"To The Woman Who Raised Me As If I Were Her Own Daughter,   I'm totally crushing on your son Bertram, could help me hook that up?" 
"What would I do for you, Mother?  I would spare Rome, even if you did embarrass me in front of Aufidius and his friends." 
"For A Wonderful Mother-In-Law on Mother's Day.  Sorry about the Tybalt thing Mrs. Capulet, I totally understand why you tried to have me executed." 
"You Are The Queen, Your Husband's Brother's Wife, and Would It Were Not So You Are My Mother.  Happy Mother's Day. "


GeekMom said...

This is brilliant! I want one of these cards from my children.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mum,
Here are the sixteen mothers' day cards I owe you for the years we were apart, because my father had me abandoned in Bohemia. Awfully glad neither of us is dead after all.

Ophelia said...

Now what about Shakespeare Fathers' Day? We could have a great time with Tempest, Hamlet, and of course Lear.