Friday, May 03, 2013

By Popular Demand, COLORS!

We are right in the middle of our Shakespeare is Universal fundraising campaign, and I thank everyone who has signed up to date.  We are, unfortunately, still quite a way from our goal and I'm throwing out all the stops in an effort to get us to the finish line.


You asked, I answered (well, I asked Teespring, and they answered :)).  If you're not loving the asphalt grey that we picked, please chime in right now with a vote on what colors you would like to see.  I can only offer a couple more, and I need to tell them ASAP what those colors should be.
Shakespeare is Universal
Shakespeare is Universal
Also, the graphics are all in white text so we can not do a white shirt without going back to the design drawing board, which is not realistic in the time remaining.  Aim for darker colors.

So, tell me!  You want red? Blue? Black?  If you looked at the shirt and said, "If only it was X color", what's X?    I have to get back to them so they can make the change and people can still have time to purchase, so speak now if you want your voice heard.


First of all, thank you.  Fear not, I did ask about taking care of my earliest adopters.  If we do put up some color choices and you find that you like one of those better than the grey you agreed to purchase?  You can contact and they will modify your order!  I mean, come on, how great are these folks!  [ NOTE that you'll need to make this request while the campaign is still active, which gives you to May 12! ]

I want this shirt to exist.  I want 100 people from around the world to have it.  I will do whatever I need to do in order to make that happen.


kj said...

Blue or Red are my votes!

Hurrah for this shirt!

Hurrah for Shakespeare Geek!



Katie Feldman said...

Yes blue or red! If it were either of those I'd definitely sign up. :) Or black actually, white on black is very classy.

Duane Morin said...

They've got about 4 different blues to choose from, Katie, so I hope i pick a good one ;) I think there's only one red option.

Consider it done, since I'm supposed to get back to them before 5pm eastern. Thanks for the help, and I hope this gets more people to buy!

Katie Feldman said...

I ended up picking the white on black, because you can't go wrong with that! :) I hope it gets printed!