Monday, September 17, 2012

The Immortal Bard, by Isaac Asimov

I saw a reference to this Isaac Asimov short story and thought, "Ooo, it sounds like I would like that!"  Then I googled for it, found it available for reading online, and the link was already purple - meaning that I'd been there before.  Go figure! :)

It's a short and easy read, and the plot is familiar enough - Shakespeare + time travel.  What does Mr. Shakespeare think of how we've elevated him in the past few centuries?  Of course, much like Mr. Shakespeare, Mr. Asimov had the same talent of taking a story that's been told countless times and putting his own personal spin on it.

Isaac Asimov is famous among Shakespeare geeks for other reasons as well, most notably his own guide to Shakespeare, with which I've had something of a love/hate relationship.

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Mike Donovan said...

I do love this story, especially the incorporation of Scott Robertson. And to be quite technical about this -- I'm a bit particular about these things and respect to those possessing these titles -- yes, Dr. Asimov did have quite the way of making things... interesting.