Monday, September 17, 2012

Chasing Shakespeare

While poking around IMDB for Shakespeare movies I spotted the indie Chasing Shakespeare, starring Danny Glover.  The link above has the most information, and that story was dated a year ago.  IMDB lists the film as having as 2012 release.

The plot? "A love story between a young African-American man and a Native American girl with a passion for Shakespeare."

Well, at least we know this one will have some Shakespeare in it.   Has anybody seen this one, or heard of it?


6142nn said...

Hi, yes, this film is nearing completion and has been submitted to Sundance. Distribution and exposure of the film to the public should occur in 2013. It is a powerful story driven by amazing acting and beautiful imagery....Shakespearean performances drive much of the backstory.

filmlove said...

I have heard this film is gorgeous...beautiful images and a very touching story. I cannot wait to see it!