Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Surrounded By Geeklets!

Not to be outdone by her artistic 6yr old older sister, my 4yr old is now in on the act.  While working at the craft table she shoves paper and crayons in my hand, saying "Daddy, can you draw us the As You Like It picture?"

I asked her which picture she meant.  She repeated, "The As You Like It picture."

I still don't know what that means.   I think I read them AYLI once, and they have not seen it.  They've heard about it, briefly, over the summer - Kerry and I went to see it in Boston.  I may have mentioned taking them.  But she surely has no idea of the plot.

Today during game time we got out "Don't Break The Ice", where you have to make a grid of like 64 white ice cubes and then take turns smashing it.  "We don't have to play the original game," she tells me.  "We can just build stuff with the ice.  We can make a castle, or a dinosaur..or Shakespeare!"  She always wants to make "Shakespeare things".

Later that evening, during story time, the 6yr old is reading an Angelina Ballerina book.  That's the one where the mice are all ballet dancers.  She brings the book over to me, pointing to a certain page.  "Does that say Macbeth?" she asks.  Odd, because she is not pointing to any words, she's pointing to the picture itself.

I look closer.

Sure enough, the scene takes place back stage in a theatre or dressing room of some sort.  On the wall is indeed a poster for Macbeth, which she has spotted (even though the artist has only sketched the letters in partially).

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ROB said...

Awesome - very cool she spotted that.