Friday, November 14, 2008

Off-Topic : Out Of Work

Hi gang,

those of you paying attention to that Twitter stream over on the left already know this, but as of earlier this week I've officially joined the ranks of the unemployed.  Hopefully it won't be for long, but it was certainly a disruptive experience. Most notably it took away from me the computer I've been using for the last several years.

So in theory I'm not going to have more time on my hands to catch up on those book reviews and giveaways I've been promising.  But to do that I need to breathe a little life into these old clunkers I've had lying around my office collecting dust.

Oh, and if anybody's hiring software architects in Massachusetts, particularly North Shore region, drop me a line :).  Rails, Java and other backend web stuff a specialty.



Lis Riba said...

If you need access to computers, try your public library.

You may want to write things out longhand first, so you don't waste computer time trying to organize your thoughts, but it's an excellent resource.

Lis Riba said...

PS: I sent you an email about some job openings at my employer.

Emsworth said...

Duane -- I don't have an email address for you and so apologize for making this a "comment". If you're at all open to leaving the Boston area, check out this Rochester, NY software engineering firm, with which I'm familiar. Website:

Duane said...

Thanks M! But I'm Massachusetts born and bred, not going anyplace.

Jack Morgan said...

The fact that you are out of a job makes me sad

Duane said...

Thanks Jack. I was actually in 5 hours of interviews this morning, and every one of the interviewers said, "So, what's up with the Shakespeare?" :)

Historia said...


Why do you even mention shakespeare when you vare interviwing? It should not even be on your resume. Or is this after they have googled you?

Man - thats why I dont use my real name on my blogs. So I cannot be googled.

I am sorry you lost your job.

I have a new Shakespeare challenge starting again on January 1st and going for the whole 12 months this time. Only need to read 6 books in that time.

If you are interested.

Good luck.


Duane said...

Why not mention it? The web is also my day job. It is of value to me to be able to say "In my free time, I also do these web-related things." I have plenty of knowledge of SEO, campaign management, heat maps, content management, etc... that I might not otherwise have if not for the site(s) I run.

There's enough people out there posting actual pictures and video of themselves doing stupid things, I'm not too worried that a love of Shakespeare is going to be held against me.