Sunday, November 09, 2008

Breakfast, continued

Next day, same hotel, same breakfast buffet.  Geeklet has already begun coloring a picture of some sort when I say, "Hey, why not try Romeo and Juliet?"

"I don't really remember enough about that one," she tells me.  "The other story I'd heard so many times, it was easy."

Still, she ponders how she can turn her already created drawing into something Shakespearean.  She colors for awhile, and then says, "How's this?"

On the paper is a banquet table, with a girl - labelled Juliet - at one end, and a boy - Romeo - at the other.  In the center is a goblet.  Above the goblet is the word, "Yum."

She informs me that Romeo and Juliet are having a nice dinner together.  But of course given the whole "sleeping potion" plot device, the drawing really ends up with a whole different meaning.  I love it.

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