Saturday, October 11, 2008


There's nothing really special in this brief interview - I don't know who this person is, or what she's famous for.  But it caught my attention for mention of her thesis:

"I studied the character of Portia very minutely. It was also one of the characters that had qualities which one could easily relate to. Those who have read Othello will admit that they see themselves in Portia."

This of course says nothing about her thesis.  Personally I've never really thought much about Portia at all.

Any Othello fans in the audience want to elaborate on what sorts of things she may have discussed in her thesis?

[Work with me, people.  It's Saturday afternoon and I'm trying to look for a wider variety of material. :)]


Bill said...

This would be the world's shortest thesis.

There is no character named Portia in Othello.

Perhaps she wrote on a different character in Othello, or explored Portia in Julius Caesar or the other Portia The Merchant of Venice.

Duane said...

:) That's funny. I admit, I was confusing Iago's wife Emelia with Brutus' wife Portia. Shows how much thought I put into it.

She must be talking about Merchant of Venice.

Bill said...

I don't know. Maybe she made the same mistake and is actually talking about Emilia.

Or maybe someone else made the mistake and she was misquoted. It seems odd to get the subject of your own thesis topic wrong.

IMDB says she was a business major but dropped out of school to pursue acting.

Is it possible that we may have discovered a mistake on the Internet?

Duane said...

We'll be famous!