Monday, October 06, 2008

Did You Learn That From Your Mother?

You learn a great deal about how you communicate when it gets parroted back to you by your children, who absorb words and phrases with no sense of sarcasm and just the barest amount of context.

Over the vacation I was wearing my shirt that reads "My kids walk all over me", complete with footprints, that the kids made for me for Father's Day.  This was the Father's Day where I also got "Shakespeare things", including a mug and a refrigerator magnet.  Since I am not a coffee drinker, the mug has sat "decoration-style" on top of the microwave ever since.

My 4yr old always notices when I wear the shirt.  This time her comment was, "We made that shirt for you, Daddy.  Remember for Father's Day, when we got you that Shakespeare mug that you never drink anything out of?"

Sounds totally sarcastic, but that's just her way of explaining the mug she's talking about.  Who knows, maybe you had to be there.  I thought it was cute. :)

P.S. Hot chocolate weather draws near.  The mug will get much use.

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