Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shoreditch Theatre Discovered?

It's early and I'm trying to fully understand this.  Apparently archaeologists have rediscovered the original footings of the Shoreditch theatre, where The Lord Chamberlain's Men played before the owners dismantled it and used the timber to construct The Globe.

Any historians in my audience want to fill in some details?  Sounds pretty cool!


UPDATE:  Alan is correct, has much more detail.  Thanks for the heads up!

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Alan K.Farrar said...

Shakespeare Post does a bit of the legwork for you.
Basically this is The Theatre (that's what they think anyway).
This will be the place Willy learnt his trade - the place that plays like Romeo and Juliet were most likely first performed - and the place which gives us our modern usage of the word theatre to mean a place for acting plays.
They've only got the brick foundations though and they've cemented it over to preserve it - a new theatre is being built over it!