Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contributor Appreciation Time!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my contributors for making ShakespeareGeek what it's all about.  Go look at some of the recent threads on Gertrude, or the essence of tragedy in Romeo and Juliet.  All I do is put a question out there.  Look at the answers.  Look at their length, their detail, and most of all their quality.  Look at the variety of opinions, and the range of experience of the people answering.  I love it.  I learn something new every day.  I'm glad we seem to be getting back into that level of discussion, that's my favorite.

I don't have anything to give away at the moment other than blog time, so that's what I'll give.  Got something to plug?  Let's hear it.  Consider this post an open invitation to link back to the project of your choice (preferably Shakespeare related!).  It's not spam if I openly ask for it.

Who's first?  Don't be shy.


Alan K.Farrar said...

Blushing flower that I am I'd promote Shakespeare Post's new podcast!

(Then throw in a visit to my latest on:

where I do a nice one connecting Olympics and Henry VI.)


Duane said...

Yeah, I've got their podcast tagged for download, have not listened yet. Just noticed it myself! Have you found a link to an actual podcast feed yet? Just linking individual mp3 files doth not a podcast make!

Alan K.Farrar said...

Now you're getting technical!
No, just the mp3 so far.

Duane said...

I've spoken with the Shakespeare Post folks who are indeed trying to get a true podcast going. They just wanted to put out the interview in a timely fashion.

David Blixt said...

I'm a broken record, I know. But the paperback edition of THE MASTER OF VERONA comes out in exactly one month. The new cover is very pretty, the test is cleaner, and it makes a wonderful gift. You can order it here:

And if you want an advance taste, check out the short stories on Amazon, too.

That's it. End of plug. Back to your regularly scheduled geekdom.

Craig said...

One of the reasons I've been off the grid for a while is that I'll be acting in a scene from Henry VI, Part 3 (Richard Duke of York in his death scene) at my old college theatre at Georgia Tech next Friday. Anyone who wants to come down to Atlanta is welcome to attend.

catkins said...

Anyone interested in The Sonnets is invited to pick up a copy of my book, "Shakespeare's Sonnets: With Three Hundred Years of Commentary" (Amazon and B&N). Choice Magazine gave me a nice review, which begins "Atkins does a great service with this extremely useful edition..."
Carl Atkins

Alan K.Farrar said...

Good luck Craig - and good sales both Mr B. and Mr C.

amusings_bnl said...

Oh Baby, you KNOW i got something to plug.

Romeo & Juliet starts on Friday at the Beverly Common. 1pm. Scared out of my mind that no one is going to come to any of the 1pm shows.

Freaking out.

The kids are SO ready too.

if you're anywhere near the north shore of Boston MA, please come support our shows and program.

thank you!

and duane -- i'm so glad to have met you through this medium. cheers to you.