Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natalie Portman as Lady Macbeth? And the geek universe explodes!

First we had Patrick Stewart who is equally at home as Captain Picard, Professor Xavier, or Macbeth.

Pretty soon we'll have the world of Joss Whedon jumping from Buffy and Firefly to Much Ado About Nothing.

And now, now we have the queen of the geek universe Natalie Portman signed up to play Lady Macbeth?!

I hope the legions of fans she picked up from Star Wars (and even going so far back as The Professional) appreciate what they're about to get themselves into.  This is almost certainly going to be firmly in Black Swan territory - and more in a dark and twisty way, not so much with the sexy bits.


Katie Feldman said...

I love her in her darker roles, I think she can be quite a good actress! That said, in my opinion she's been pretty awful in some of her movies... I'm excited to see what happens though! Not to mention for "much ado about nothing." :D

SallyE said...

Not sure about this. I'll see the film. It's one of my favorite plays. But I'd rather see a film of Alan Cummings doing his one man version. I saw Black Swan, but she's still a little light for Lady M.

Becky said...

I have to say, I'm pretty excited at the prospect of seeing Natalie perform Shakespeare. With the right director and Macbeth, I'm very sure she'll knock it out of the park.