Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They Do Understand! I'm So Happy!

In a completely unrelated thread over on Reddit about what movies piss you off for their inaccuracies, somebody brought up Romeo and Juliet (odd, really, in that his complaint was about the actual story and not about any sort of inaccurate movie portrayal).

Anyway, check out the thread that follows off that comment, where not one but multiple users get into discussion about the role of Fate, lust, parents (and adults in general) not doing their job to protect the children from their own young stupidity, and others. 

I love how spontaneously a thread like that just pops up out of nowhere. I spent so much time on answer boards going over the same questions about the Queen Mab speech and the foreshadowing of death that it's nice to see people on their own explaining what the play means to them, even if they didn't like it and/or disagree with how it was taught to them. Yay!

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Sean O'Sullivan said...


Here are a couple of relevent
comedy sketches from the very
entertaining "childrens'" tv
show, Horrible Histories:

Does make it harder to be
so sympathetic to Shakepeare
regarding the authorship
question...after all,an Earl of
Oxford is a far more dramatic
character than Will of Stratford.