Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Followup Story - Guess Who I Met?

So, think back a month or two to my stories of almost teaching Shakespeare to my daughter's 7yr old class.  That is, until the principal got wind of it and shut the project down.

So I'm at karate class this week to pick up my son, and the instructor is introducing a new family to class.  My daughters run up to me and whisper, "It's our principal!"  Sure enough, the man that shot me down is now standing next to me watching karate class.

So, I introduce myself :).  It was all nice at first, "Hi, I'm so and so, all my kids are at the elementary school with you ..." and then I gave him context.  "Do you remember a month or two ago Mrs. B coming to you about a plan to do a unit on Shakespeare?"

He thinks about it, and remembers. "Oh...yes, ok, yes, I do remember that.  Was that you?"

"It was!  How ya doin?"

Long story short I was unable in that brief time to convince him.  He felt that it was not age appropriate (I can't remember the exact term he used but basically it was "too advanced for them"), and I countered that I have access to all the best resources in the world and will show him as many studies as he wants to see of teaching Shakespeare to 5yr olds.  But it was clear that he wanted to watch his kid at karate, as did I, so it did not go much farther.

Just wanted to give you folks that conclusion to the story.  Saw my opportunity and jumped on it :)!

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Nick Miliokas said...

This was an administrator, you understand. Next time try to make it sound like it was HIS idea.