Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Time for Resolutions Again!

Last year I posted some Shakespeare Resolutions of my own. Shall we see how I did?

  • speak publicly on the topic of Shakespeare. Not sure how, exactly, but it's a goal. Take it to the real world.

    As I'm sure everybody knows by now I came *this close* to teaching a unit on Shakespeare to my daughter's second grade class.  I was preparing material and everything. Could still happen in the new year, with the fourth graders.

  • use my experience in publishing my first book, Hear My Soul Speak, to try a second.

    I got nothin.  I have an idea for a book and know exactly how I'd go about doing it, just haven't made it happen yet.  No excuses.  Bardfilm knows what I'm talking about.

  • expand my empire by turning on some of the Shakespeare-related domains I've been sitting on for awhile now.

    I launched ShakespeareAnswers.com in May 2011.  I call this one a success. I still have another domain that I've not done anything with, but as it is I'm not doing a stellar job at keeping up the sites I've already got.

  • make more concerted effort to see Shakespeare productions.

    Can't say I made any special efforts.  Saw my usual production in Boston Common, and the local Rebel Shakespeare show that came to town, but I didn't do anything special.
Ok, so, how about for the new year?

  • I'm going to keep "Speak publicly on the topic of Shakespeare" on the list, because I still want this to happen and still think I can make it happen.
  • Develop and distribute a Shakespeare mobile app.  Working on this now.  Not sure what final form it will take, but my day job as a programmer means that I've wanted to develop mobile apps since there were mobile apps (and by that I mean going all the way back to the Palm Pilot days).  Now circumstances may finally be correct so I can actually make something happen. Stay tuned.
  • Merchandise.  We had a brief run last year where we introduced some new products, and they seem to have done well (the iPad cases are a big hit).  I need to find the time to do that more often, because it translates directly into revenue for the site.

Think I can do it?  How about you, what have you got? What did you accomplish, and what do you plan to accomplish? I'd say "hope to" but that's too wishy washy.  Don't just sit back and hope it happens, plan to make it happen!

Happy New Year!

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