Monday, January 16, 2012

The Return of Geeklet

My girls got Kindle Fires for Christmas, so my 5yr old son has basically taken my old iPhone and uses it for his own game playing.

Just now he wanders in, face in the screen, and says, "Daddy, I'm reading Shakespeare."

I look at the iPhone and sure enough he's gotten into my Shakespeare app.  Specifically, Winter's Tale.

"Oh," I tell him, "You've got Winter's Tale there.  That's a hard one."  He is actually looking at the Dramatic Personae.

"Well I don't know what the words say," he tells me, "But I like to look at the words."  He has never grown out of the little speech thing he has were all his "er" sounds come out like "or", so "words" actually sounds like "wards" and it is the cutest darned thing. :)

"You can always sound out the words and find the ones you do know," I tell him.

"Can you find me Hamlet?"

"Sure," I tell him, and bring up Hamlet, Act I.

He tries to walk away reading it, then quickly comes back saying, "I don't know these words. Can you find me To be or not to be?"

"Sure," I tell him again, and show him how to look up Act III.  I find the speech he wants and show it to him.

Off he goes, reading Hamlet.  I'm sure he put it down 2 seconds after he left the room, but still, gotta love the boy.


Care said...

That is adorable.

Sean O'Sullivan said...

Perhaps you'll end up with a
second Master Betty on your
hands, if your boy catches the acting bug.