Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Best of 6 Word Shakespeare

Everybody knows the legend of Hemingway's famous "6 word story" in which he wrote, "For sale: baby shoes. Never worn." Right?

Well today on Twitter, #6wordstories was a Top Trend.  And, doing what we've become known for doing, we went ahead and made that #6wordShakespeare.  As of right now it's still going on (check the link!) but I wanted to jump in and grab some of the best of so they're not lost.  Enjoy!

The Very Best of 6 Word Shakespeare

"Really Cornwall? His eyes? That's gross."

"Woman, get over here.  See?  Tamed."

"Marry me."  "No!"  "Have to."  "Damnit."

"Invited to Andronicus' dinner party. Pass."

"Witches told me to do it."

"Met girl at party. Everybody dies."

"Banished the wrong daughter. Big mistake."

"Don't trust Iago. Don't. Trust. Iago."

"Four youths, one donkey, fairies. Party!"

"Dad murdered, Mom remarried. Life stinks."

"Words, words, words. And more words."

"Haven't slept. Did forest just move??"

"Love you."  "Me too."  Both dead.

"What's in a name? Gang violence."

"No more kings named Henry, please!"

"Invest heavily in marine insurance, dummy."

"Set Kate straight, now she's great!"

"Can't get this damned spot out."

"Tongueless daughter. Angry general. Family dinner."

"Padre? This potion's a bit strong."

Add more in the comments!  I can't keep up!!!


Maryn said...

" ' Lord, what fools...' OK, us too."

Oath of silence. Chicks! Never mind.

"Got your ring. Also, pregnant. Win."

"Am I gay? Whew, he's she."

"Is this your handkerchief?" "Yes."

" "Brutus is an honorable man.' Kidding!"

Maryn said...

That was:

" ' Is this your handkerchief?' 'Yes.' (gurgle) "

(got truncated, sorry.)

Daanando said...

Alas, Poor Yorick... Eww A Skull!

Anonymous said...

To be or....I pick not.

Doug said...

Chicks who carry spices are whacko.

Anonymous said...

"I want to kiss her!(does refer to Hermione-revived from Desdemona's end, I figure)

earthmomenator said...

Why Kate and not her mate?