Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pink Floyd + Shakespeare = #ShakesFloyd

Once upon a time, Bardfilm challenged me to do a Pink Floyd / Shakespeare mashup game.  It's actually much harder than it looks once you realize that most casual Pink Floyd fans are only really going to recognize "Another Brick In The Wall", "Money" and "Dark Side Of the Moon."

Here's my best shot at it!  Who's got more?  I did my best to keep them all in tune, if you want to hum them to yourself :)

  • All in all it was all just chinks in the wall.
  • Well (not!) shone, dark side of the moon!
  • One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces! And then maybe bake you into a nice pie, serve you to your mom.
  • Hush now baby, baby, don't you cry. Mother's gonna dash all your brains out for you.
  • Good morning, Chair your honor; the crown will plainly show my daughter who now stands before you, was caught red-handed saying, "Nothing." Saying "Nothing!" in a most ungrateful manner - this will not do.
  • Crazy, toys in the attic, Lear is crazy, truly gone fishing. They must have taken his kingdom away, crazy!
  • Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on, you blinded Gloucester.
  • You are young and life is long, and there is Claudius to kill today.
  • Ducats, get away.  Make a good loan, interest pays, you're ok.
  • The lunatic is on the heath.
  • Careful with that axe, Titus!
  • Emilia tries, but misunderstands (wah-oooo),
    She's often inclined to steal somebody's hanky til tomorrow...
  • You'll lose your mind and play
    Free games for may
    See Ophelia play.

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