Monday, December 08, 2008

How Much Do I Love The Child?

We sing my 2yr old son to sleep each night.  He treats Mommy and Daddy like his own personal playlist, of course, and it’s common to hear things like “No!  No do Santa Come To Town Yet.  Sing Frosty first, then Rudolph.”

The girls, 4 and 6, aren’t into the singing anymore.  They have their dolls that they sleep with, but basically it’s a “Good night sweetie, love you, sleep tight,” that sort of thing.

Tonight, the 4yr old:

“Daddy, can you sing me a song tonight?”

  “Sure, sweetie.  Which one?”

“Your favorite favorite favorite one of all time.”

  “…which one is that?”

“Shall I Compare Thee.”


I haven’t sung that to them in months.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her actually ask for it.  I sang, she smiled and closed her eyes and went off to sleep.  Can’t really ask for anything more for a Shakespeare geek.

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