Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dr. Who HELP

Ok, need some help.  A geeky friend is looking to pick up some Dr. Who box sets for Christmas, and in my infinite wisdom I thought it would appropriate to score her the set that has all the Shakespeare in it, that people were raving about recently.

So the question is, which season was that and is it on DVD?


Harriet said...

If you are talking about the episode where they meet Shakespeare, it was Season 3, Episode 2, called The Shakespeare Code. (If you're getting the full series box set, this is also the series that had "Blink", one of the best - and scariest - episodes ever.)

Don't know if it's available on DVD, but I would have thought so since it was from 2007. It was the series with Martha Jones as companion.

micah said...

It's definitely available on DVD; I Netflixed it about a year ago.

There's also a Doctor Who audio called The Kingmaker that involves Shakespeare and Richard III, which is supposed to be hilarious. I don't know much more about it than that, though.

Angela said...

Not related, but you MUST see this Vogue spread: Annie Leibowitz -- Romeo & Juliet

Willshill said...

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