Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Notes & Quotes, or, Look What I Got!

When I started a new job recently I wrote about "decorating my life" with Shakespeare.  This week I've got a nice new piece to add to my collection thanks to the nice folks at Michael O'Mara Books who sent me a lovely William Shakespeare themed notepad.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, thinking maybe I'd see a picture of Shakespeare on the cover and some quotes in the margins.  Not at all! There's both lined and blank pages, each of which is decorated with quotes and graphics in a variety of layouts to keep it from ever feeling boring. Every new page will bring new inspiration.

Usually I'm one for grabbing a generic yellow legal pad before running off to a meeting - and then promptly losing track of that one and starting a new one for the next meeting.  I think I'll start a new tradition and actually keep track of this one :). I look forward to filling it up and filing it away on the bookshelf before I go get another one.

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