Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shakepeare on Unemployment?

For various reasons we don't need to go into, I am applying to jobs as of late (not much mirth involved).  One of the application web sites broke the monotony by asking specifically for me to "write something out of the ordinary that will get our attention." I wrote:

I've been building web sites since 1995, but my 8000 social media followers only want to talk about Shakespeare.
My coworkers (we're all looking, so we're all helping each other) liked the personal nature of the Shakespeare thing to me, and suggested I take it even farther by working some Shakespeare into my cover letter.

Hmmmm....but what?

Who's got good quotes related to unemployment?  Positive quotes, mind you.  Not about how much unemployment stinks.

I went with the following:

"To business that we love we rise betimes and go to ’t with delight."

Personally I believe that you do a better job when you love what you do. I've never been one to chase the money, or take a job that I would hate (or disagree with philosophically) just because it's a career move. So I get it out in the open early. I think it makes me a stronger candidate, honestly.

In case I get to pull that trick again, what other quotes do you have for me?

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kj said...

You probably should not use Goneril's line asking Lear "a little to disquantity your train." We want the opposite for you! We want a company to undisquantity its train.