Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Curse is Real

Must tell this story.  A few weeks ago when I was teaching Macbeth in my daughter's class I really stressed the whole curse thing, and told them that if they are on stage and say the word, bad things will happen.

Well, I'm back today and sure enough a hand shoots up.

"Remember when you were here, and you told us about the curse, and how if you say the name of the play on stage then something bad will happen? Well, Antonia wanted to see if that was true, so, at our dance recital? After the curtain closed, after we took our bows and were still on stage?  She said it. And then, for the night performance? A hurricane came through and blew the roof off the building, we all had to be evacuated."

Love it. The best part is I know that story to be 100% true, because my daughter is in that dance class, and I was there. Fire marshall and building inspector and everybody had to come in and determine if the building was safe, while around 1000 parents and dancers sat in the cafeteria.

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