Friday, January 16, 2015

The Trailer Game! Cymbeline becomes Anarchy

For those that missed it, Ethan Hawke's upcoming movie version of Shakespeare's Cymbeline has been renamed Anarchy. They've even released a new trailer.  But the marketing folks must think we're stupid, because it was only a few months ago that we got almost the exact same Cymbeline trailer.  Here's both!

First, Cymbeline:


Now, Anarchy:

Other than the name change and the really unnecessary "It's like Sons of Anarchy meets Game of Thrones!" graphic for those who didn't already feel hammered over the head enough, what are the most obvious changes you see?


Dave Jacque said...

I imagine "Cymbeline" doesn't sound edgy enough to grab the 18-34 demo. Interested to see how they handle the deus ex machina scene toward the end.

Dave Jacque said...

Also, more guns.