Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sitting on a Park Bench, Talking to Ian Anderson about Shakespeare

(See, Ian Anderson is the flute-player from Jethro Tull, who's big song was....ah, never mind.)

What does Ian Anderson have to say about Shakespeare, and why are we asking him in the first place? Apparently in his new album "Homo Erraticus" there's a line that "Shakespeare rocks."  So, explain?

...I suppose even though I'm not really a "fan" of the work, I enjoy elements of it that I have seen. Of course, I hugely admire those actors from all walks of acting life who take on Shakespeare because it's a tough nut to crack. Rarely do artists and actors get great reviews. It is an area in which harsh criticism abounds, when you decide to do Shakespeare, especially if you're a Yank, because with rare exceptions – it ends in tears. Kevin Spacey is probably one of those guys who can kind of get away with it because he's sort of been adopted as a cultural asset of our country – where he has spent most of his time and very active in serious theatre.
I'm not sure that answered the question!

Do go and check out the entire interview, it's quite lengthy. I've only snipped a bit of the Shakespeare out.

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