Monday, May 05, 2014

Kevin Spacey Talking Shakespeare on Jimmy Fallon

If you only get your clips from social media you might think that Kevin Spacey's big moment on Jimmy Fallon last week was singing some barbershop quartet.  No thank you, we already have Dick van Dyke.

Instead, here's a direct link to his segment about NOW : The Film, his behind-the-scenes documentary of their traveling Richard III:

"When we went to Spain, for some reason the subtitles weren't above us, they were in the boxes beside us, you know, where people usually sit.  But we could see them. And it was a great lesson for me in 'never look at the subtitles.' Because one of my fellow actors had a line that went, 'Yes, my lord' and I looked over and it said, 'Si, senor!'"
Yes, I am that much of a geek that I went looking for the line in question. And you know what? I can't find it. I'm sure he's just paraphrasing for the sake of the story, but if anybody can show me where there's a line resembling "Yes my lord" in Richard III, I'm all ears.

What I did love was this line that I'm not sure people fully understood:
"I did over 200 performances as Richard III, it's a wonder they didn't find my bones in a parking lot somewhere."
Watch the segment and see how little of a chuckle that gets :)  I laughed myself silly.

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Daniel Jackson said...

Lucky there are Spanish bardolators around! Did a bit of research and the "Si, senor" line is "It is, my lord" from Act V Scene I.


Duane Morin said...

Oh, well done!