Monday, November 04, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Star Wars Shakespeare!

Ok, so. I've had this review copy of Ian Doescher's "William Shakespeare's Star Wars" for months, given to me by the publisher, with the intent that I post a review.  And then I never did it.  The more time goes past the more I tell myself I should, and then I feel guilty that I'd be forcing myself to review it out of guilt and thus not give it a fair review, and then I put it off even longer.

So it's only fair that I give it to someone who is going to review it.

How To Enter

1) You must be a Shakespeare blogger.  You can prove this by posting something on your Shakespeare blog, linking back to (the homepage if you please, not this specific post).

2) You must not have previously reviewed the book. I don't know why you'd want another copy if you already have one, but I need to put this in.  I'd like the book to go to someone who has not yet read it, and would like to.

3) In your post, make a Shakespeare/Star Wars reference of some sort. Be creative.  Here's a whole bunch of ideas to get you started.

4) Contact me and let me know you've done this and where I can check.

5) Do all of this before end of day Saturday, November 9, 2013.  That's this Saturday. End of day for the detail-oriented folks means midnight in the Eastern Standard time zone, counting for daylight savings time. I've never had anybody run it down to the minute before but my lawyers insist I say that.

6) Continental US residents only, please.

Obviously I am hoping that the winner will succeed where I failed, and post a review of the book. I can't force that ahead of time, I can only ask nicely.  So whoever does win, please post a review of the book?  Thanks :)

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