Monday, September 16, 2013

Who Needs a Shakespeare Domain?

No, not one of mine! :)
I was on one of the domain registration sites today for a different project and for kicks and giggles I just typed in "shakespeare".  Of course and all its variants were taken, but what I found interesting was the list of suggestions on the side.  Check it out!

Some of those look pretty good if somebody's up for a project.  LoveShakespeare?  Virtual Shakespeare? ShakespeareNotes?    Personally I've already got too many projects and not enough time (as the above links will attest to), so I'm not rushing to do little more than add $$ to my hosting costs every year.
If you grab one (and plan to do something with it!) let me know!  I'd love to help drive traffic to the finished product.
UPDATE : I also noticed that while "" is taken (and on the auction block for over $2000!), "" is wide open.  So if somebody'd liked to camp on that and set it up as a home for the movement to change "Shakespeare's Kind of Birthday But Definitely The Day He Died So We Just Tell People He Was Born and Died On The Same Day To Make It Easier Day" to "Shakespeare Day" in the hearts and minds of the people, you go right and and go for it, you know I'll be the first one to sign the petition.


Mary DeSive said...

I wonder what someone would use SorryShakespeare for...I could definitely see a use for ShakespeareNotes and ShakespeareBuzz.

I recently grabbed but I haven't done much with it yet.

Daniel Jackson said...

Some crazy guy from Madrid, Spain (me, actually) read this entry and decided to start a Shakespeare web site in Spanish. He was so lucky was available.

Can you believe it? :)