Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And Now, A Limerick

Sometimes when Bardfilm and I are bored we drag each other down into the pit of procrastination, as we'd both rather talk about Shakespeare than pretty much anything else.  He's typically better at it than I, however, as his job is mostly doing Shakespeare things to begin with.  When I'm talking Shakespeare it's a guarantee that I am 100% not doing my day job. :)

Anyway, this morning he threw a mediocre limerick at me, I called him on its quality, and he challenged me to do better.  Here's what I threw back:

There once was an earl named de Vere
Who claimed to have written Shakespeare.
He had not the skill,
But there's no books in the will!
And that's all the evidence we'll hear.
Now I put it to you, faithful readers.  If you think mine's mediocre as well?  Do better, in the comments. :)


CRS said...

There once was a lady named Bacon
Who thought that Will Shakespeare was fakin'
"Inside his grave
There is proof he's a knave!"
She exclaimed, but was prob'ly mistaken.

Lemon Tree said...

There was a man named Shakespeare
Who wrote with brilliant atmosphere
Some people say he's fake
But please, for heaven's sake
Would you dare say that in his ear?

CRS said...

There was a young fairy named Puck...

Actually I'd better not finish that one.