Saturday, February 16, 2013

Geeklet 1, Geek 0

Been a long time since I posted a geeklet story.

I'm in the kitchen tallying up girl scout cookie money when my wife calls in from the other room, "What year did Elizabeth I ascend the throne?"  I realize that she has picked up one of the kids' Shakespeare books and is quizzing me.

"Umm...." I say.  History was never my strong suit.  "Since Shakespeare was really young.  I'm going to guess 1560's."

"Wrong!" she tells me.  "1559."

"I was close!" I call back, "I was within 10 years. That's not bad."

But then geeklet in the other room hears half the conversation and says, "What's Mommy need, Daddy?"

"Mommy was just asking me when Elizabeth I became queen."

So geeklet tells me, "1559."

Very nice.

UPDATE - I'm told that the actual date is 1558.  Blame the book - the one that my wife was reading from is the one that my kids already read.

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