Friday, March 12, 2010

Everyday Geek

Funny who you meet online.  I’ve mentioned in the past that I went to Worcester Polytech (WPI, Class of 91), right? That I was involved in the theatre program, and such?  Last week I received an email from a very surprised Michelle, follower of my little ol’ blog, who just happens to be the Shakespeare professor at WPI since 1999!  Turns out she’s got her own blog on the subject, and asked for an interview.  Happy to oblige!

Thanks Michelle!


Monica said...

In your interview you said that you would be hanging out in Cymbeline, not bothering anybody. Could you clarify?

Duane said...

:) Just a joke, really. When people answer that question I figure they're always more likely to go for the popular characters that they know, like Romeo or Hamlet, but I'm not about to compare myself to any of them. That was my little way of saying "I'm just a regular guy." I didn't have anyone special in mind, more like "I'll be over here hiding in this less well known play, staying out of the limelight."